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Uses for Coffee

Uses For Coffee:

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Ant Repellant

Coffee is known to repel ants. Simply place some used coffee grounds around areas where ants are likely to enter. It also works well if you have ants climbing your houseplants. Simply mix a some used grounds into the dirt surrounding your plant – the nutrients in the coffee will help plants thrive as well. You can use the same technique for ants in your outdoor garden.

Asthma Attacks

In an emergency coffee can help thwart an oncoming asthma attack by helping to dilate bronchial passages. When you feel an attack beginning to come on drink two cups of black coffee.

Colds or Chest Congestion

To help relieve chest congestion from a cold, try drinking some hot black coffee through a straw.


For many people drinking a cup of coffee can help trigger muscular contractions in the intestines helping them go to the bathroom easier.


Coffee grounds work so well for helping to get rid of or reduce the appearance of cellulite that many major cosmetic companies are actually beginning to include in in their products. Simply massage warm (unused) coffee grounds onto affected areas at least 3 times a week. The caffeine will help stimulate the fat cells and break them down.


Used coffee grounds can make an excellent exfoliant for skin. Simply rub some used coffee grounds over your body while in the shower or bath and rinse off. It will leave your skin much smoother.

Facial Exfoliant

Adding a few used coffee grounds to your facial wash or skin mask works great in exfoliating skin and leaving it soft.

Flea Eliminator

Coffee grounds rubbed into your dogs fur will get rid of fleas. Wash or shampoo your dog as usual. When done, massage the coffee grounds into their fur and down to the skin. Then re-rinse. Not only does it get rid of the fleas but it als leaves your dog with a shinier coat.

Fireplace Cleaner

Spreading damp used coffee grounds over ashes in a fireplace will make cleaning the fireplace easier because it will greatly reduce the dust that rises when moving the ashes to a trash receptacle.

Freezer Deodorizer

Used coffee grounds are a natural odor absorber. Place a bowl of used grounds in your freezer (you can add a few drops of vanilla extract to the grounds if desired) and leave the bowl in your freezer for a day or two. It will absorb the freezer odors.

Furniture Scratches

The color of dampened coffee grounds works well for covering scratches in darker wood furniture. Simply dip a q-tip into wet coffee grounds – rub over the scratched area – let sit for about 20 minutes then buff with a clean cloth.

Hand Deodorizer

Coffee grounds work well for removing food odors from hands when cooking. If your hands smell like onions, garlic or other pungent food odors, wash your hands with some water combined with some coffee grounds.


Drinking coffee can help reduce the swelling of blood vessels that cause a headache. Try drinking a couple of cups of coffee to relieve the headache, followed by water to help keep your body hydrated.


As mentioned above, the caffeine in coffee can help reduce the pain of a headache by reducing the swelling of blood vessels. So if you do not have aspirin or pain relievers available, a couple of cups of coffee should do the trick.

Kitchen Drain Cleaner

Coffee grounds also work well for deodorizing sink drains. Simply pour some used coffee grounds into the drain followed by a kettle of boiling water.

Plant and Garden Fertilizer

Used coffee grounds are extremely rich in nutrients. Simply add some grounds to your garden or house plants to have plants, fruits and vegetables thriving. For plants that have just started sprouting, add some coffee grounds to the soil surrounding them because the coffee grounds also help to repel slugs and snails.

Smoke Smell Deodorizer

Used Coffee grounds are also great for absorbing the smell of cigarette or cigar smoke. Place a few bowls of wet grounds in the car or room that needs deodorizing and leave for approximately 24 hours to absorb the smoke smell.

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