Kool Aid

Uses for Kool Aid

Uses For Kool Aid:

Clean Toilet Bowl

Strange as it may seem Kool Aid works well for cleaning toilet bowls and is even commonly used in the military for just that purpose. Simply empty a packet of Kool Aid into the bowl, scrub with a toilet brush and flush.

Chapped Lips

Kool Aid works well for chapped lips when combined with a vegetable shortening such as Crisco. Put 3 tablespoons of shortening in a ceramic coffee cup and heat in a microwave until it liquefies (approximately a minute). Then add a packet of kool aid to the heated shortening and stir it until it is completely dissolved. Place it in a container that closes firmly (such as a film canister) and place in the refrigerator overnight. The next morning you will have a great tasting lip balm that works great for chapped lips.

Dishwasher Cleaner

Believe it or not, Kool Aid can actually help clean the inside of your dishwasher. Simply fill your soap dispenser with some unsweetened Lemonade Kool-Aid powder and run the wash cycle like you normally would (make sure dishwasher is empty). The Lemonade powder will clean away rust stains and lime deposits.

Easter Egg Coloring

Kool-Aid works great for coloring Easter Eggs. Simply put some different colored kool aid powders in glass bowls and add 2 tablespoons of vinegar along with ½ cup of water to each bowl. Stir until powder is completely dissolved – then dip in your hard boiled eggs.

Flower Coloring

This is such a great idea for kids to have fun with or perfect for creating custom colored flowers for a party. Fill a vase with your preferred color of Kool-Aid mixed with water. Then place in white flowers such as white daisies, carnations, or other white flowers. The flowers will change colors as they soak up the Kool Aid colored water.

Frosting Coloring

Need a specific color frosting for a cake or cupcakes and don‘t have it handy? Simply add a Kool-Aid packet (whichever color you desire) to a can of white icing and mix.

Green Hair

If your blond hair has picked up a green tint – a packet of banana flavored Kool – Aid can restore your blond tresses. Empty a packet of the banana flavored Kool-Aid into your hand and add enough water until it turns into a thick paste. Massage the paste into your hair – leave in for about ten minutes – then wash with shampoo as usual. The Kool Aid will remove the green tint from hair.

Hair Dye

Looking for a way to temporary color your hair for Halloween or for a party? Kool-Aid works well for this too. Simply mix a packet of colored Kool-Aid (purple, green, red, blue – your choice) along with a teaspoon of corn starch and enough water to make a paste out of it. Apply this paste to dry, clean, hair and let it sit for about five to ten minutes. Then rinse the paste out. The color will wash out later in just a couple of shampoos.

Lip Gloss

It is easy to make your own sweetly flavored lip gloss using Kool-Aid. Simply put some petroleum jelly into a bowl that is microwave safe. Stir some of the Kool-Aid powder in (a flavor like Cherry is perfect) until you get the color you want. Add a little touch of sugar to it and place it in the microwave long enough to soften it (probably less than 10 seconds). This not only makea a great lip gloss but a great lip balm as well.

Rust Remover

Kool-Aid works great for removing rust stains from a driveway. Simply mix some lemonade flavored Kool aid with some water, place on the stain and scrub with a brush or a heavy broom.

Sand Art

Here is a quick and easy project for a child to while away a rainy afternoon. Have your child draw a design of picture on a piece of paper. Put a thin layer Elmer’s glue on the lines of the design and then sprinkle colored Kool-Aid over the glue. Gently shake off excess powder and they have a great piece of art.

Tie-Dye Shirts

No need to use permanent messy dyes to tie-dye a cotton t-shirt. Kool Aid does the same job! Decide on the colors you want and put those colored powders into different glass bowls. Add ¼ cup of white vinegar into each bowl and mix until completely dissolved. Then wrap some rubber bands around several bunches on the cotton t-shirt (shirt should be white, clean and dry) and dip each section into a different color. Keep the rubber bands on and lie the shirt down someplace to dry. When it is done drying, you can then remove the rubber bands and spread the shirt out so it can dry completely. To set the colors permanently, toss the shirt into the dryer (by itself) and leave in for about 15 minutes.

Water Colored Paint

Here is another quick and easy art project for kids. Pour some different colored kool-aid powder into compartments of an ice tray and add one teaspoon of water to each compartment. Stir well until completely mixed, then hand your child a paintbrush for fun and safe water color painting.

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