Ben Gay

    Uses for Ben Gay

BenGay was originally designed to provide fast relief from minor arthritis, backache and joint pain. Used most often by arthritis sufferers and athletes, it has been found that BenGay can be used for other things as well. (It is important to remember however that you should probably not use it daily and that it is not meant to be used for children.)

BenGay can actually help reduce headache pain. Simply rub a small dab onto your temples, forehead or even the back of your neck with a cool washcloth. The heat from this pain relieving cream will help to soothe your pain.

Reduce Stress

Even if you do not have an actual headache, a little dab smoothed onto your temples can help to relax you.

Insect Bites and Mosquito Bites

Strangely enough it seems the menthol and heat in BenGay can instantly stop the itching of mosquito and other insect bites.

Sore Throat
Putting BenGay on your neck like a liniment can bring you sore throat relief.

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