Heinz Apple Cider Vinegar

Uses for Heinz Apple Cider Vinegar

Age Spot Lightener

Applying some Apple cider vinegar directly to age spots with a cotton ball and leaving on overnight can help lighten age spots.

Arthritis Pain Relief

This a great old folk remedy that really works! Add 2 teaspoons of Apple Cider Vinegar to a glass of water and drink before each meal. In approximately 3 weeks time you will experience relief from arthritis pain.


In many cases taking a teaspoon of Apple Cider Vinegar can ward off a full blown Asthma attack. It is best to do that at the onset when you begin to feel congested.

Bad Breath

The acid in Heinz Apple Cider Vinegar can help lower the PH level in your mouth which can help kill odors. Combine a half cup of vinegar and a half cup of water. Use this as a mouthwash.


Apple Cider Vinegar can also help alter the PH level imbalance that sometimes causes dandruff. Mix one part vinegar and one part water, massage into scalp and leave on for about 2 hours before washing hair as usual.

Facial Toner

Apple cider vinegar can make a great facial toner because it can help regulate the PH of your skin. Simply combine one part apple cider vinegar with 2 parts of water (how much you want to make is up to you). Shake well and then apply to skin with cotton balls as you would a regular toner. Perfect to use at night before bedtime or in the morning before you apply your moisturizer.

Green Hair

Most people think that it is the chlorine in pools that can give hair a greenish tint, when it is actually the copper in the pool water that does it. Either way, Apple Cider Vinegar can help remove that greenish tint. Simply rinse your hair with about 8 oz. Of Apple Cider Vinegar, then wash hair as usual.

Hair Buildup

Heinz White Vinegar works very well for removing hair spray build-up and styling gel from hair. The best part is, all you need to do is add one teaspoon of Apple Cider Vinegar to your normal 12 ounce bottle of shampoo and shake it up well. The vinegar will also help thicken the shampoo helping it to last longer.

Heart Burn

Quite often heartburn is caused by low stomach acid. The acid in vinegar can help correct this. Simply mix 2 teaspoons of Apple Cider Vinegar in a glass of water and take sips of it during your meal.

Sore Throat

Heinz ACV also makes a great gargling solution for sore throats. Simply mix 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar with a half cup of lukewarm water and gargle with this solution once an hour.


You can help relieve sunburn pain by adding one cup of apple cider vinegar to bathwater and soaking in the water for at least 20 minutes or you can try applying it as a cool compress to directly burned areas if the areas are not that big.

Varicose Veins

This is an old fashioned folk remedy that many swear by to reduce the appearance of varicose veins. Simply apply some apple cider vinegar (undiluted) on the varicose veins each night. Then twice a day, drink a glass of water that contains 2 teaspoons of ACV mixed in. You will notice the veins shrinking in approximately one month.

Yeast Infection

Apple Cider Vinegar can also help bring relief from yeast infections. (Never apply directly to skin however, because it will burn.) The best way to use apple cider vinegar for yeast infections is to pour 1 cup of it into a lukewarm bath and soak for at least 20 minutes. Do this at least the first 3 days the infection occurs.

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