Colgate Toothpaste

Colgate toothpaste was originally designed to be a cavity fighting toothpaste that helps fight plaque and tooth decay. However, it has been discovered that it has many other benefits as well. Most of the other uses for Colgate toothpaste listed below refer to the Original Flavor Paste type of toothpaste not the gel (unless otherwise noted).

Other Uses For Colgate Toothpaste:


One of the most popular and interesting alternative uses for Colgate toothpaste is to dry out acne. Simply apply a small amount dot of toothpaste to pimples, leave on for awhile (overnight if possible) then gently wash away. Toothpaste dries out pimples quickly.


Colgate toothpaste can help speed up healing, prevent blistering and actually reduce the pain of a burn. Apply toothpaste to a burn on skin as quickly as possible and let it dry. Then leave it on for at least a few hours. Toothpaste can help protect the skin from exposure to oxygen which can lessen the pain of a burn immediately. It also dries the skin which prevents liquid from building up underneath.

Crayon Marks

If your kids decided to get especially creative on your walls with crayons, toothpaste can make removal super easy. Simply dampen a wash cloth, add a dollop of toothpaste and wipe crayon marks away. Then follow up by washing with another clean wet cloth.

Carpet Stains

Strangely enough, toothpaste is also great for removing smaller carpet stains. Place a small amount of toothpaste on a damp toothbrush or nail brush and rub on stain. Follow up by dabbing with a clean white damp washcloth. Stain should come right out.


Colgate Toothpaste works great for cleaning chrome such as taps or faucets in a pinch. Simply wipe on some toothpaste, follow up with a damp cloth and your chrome will be shining again.

Clothing Stains

Depending on the type of fabric that has the stain, you will find that toothpaste will work quite often to remove it. Simply put a little paste on the stain, and rub with either a clean damp toothbrush or rub the pieces of the material together. Then rinse with clean water or damp wash cloth.

Coffee Table Rings

Apply some toothpaste to a clean soft cloth, rub out the water stains and follow up buy wiping with another dry clean cloth. Follow up with furniture polish to get wood shining again.


Colgate Original Flavored Toothpaste works great for not only cleaning eyeglasses, but also to prevent defogging in the future. To clean eyeglasses with Colgate simply polish glasses with a dollop of toothpaste. To keep your eyeglasses from defogging, rub a small amount of paste on the lenses – then wash them clean with water. This will create a film on the eyeglasses that will keep them from fogging.

Food Coloring Stains

A great way to get food coloring stains off of hands (or fruit punch stains off of a child’s face), is to use a dollop of Colgate toothpaste. Simply wipe on stain and wipe away.

Facial Cleanser

Run out of facial wash? Colgate works great in a pinch. Simply squeeze about a nickel sized pinch of toothpaste into your palm – add a few drops of water – then rub hands together until you get a lather. Wash your face with the lather then follow up with a solid rinsing of water.


Toothpaste can help hickies heal quicker as well as help conceal the redness. Simply rub a small dab of toothpaste over the bruise.

Insect Bites

In some instances (particulary red ant bites) toothpaste can relive the itch of insect bites. Simply rub a small amount of paste over the bite and let dry.

Piano Keys

Keys on a piano tend to darken over time. Simply put some toothpaste on an old damp toothbrush, scrub down the keys and follow up with a clean damp cloth.

Tablecloth Stains

Like carpet and clothes stains, toothpaste works well for getting stains out of table cloths as well. Simply add a dollop of toothpaste to the stain the work stain out with an old clean damp toothbrush or nail brush. In a pinch, rub the material together until stain comes out – then follow up by rinsing with water or dabbing with damp wash cloth.

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