Glad Flexible Straws


Make a quick and easy toy for kids by mixing some dishwashing detergent with a little bit of water. Kids can blow small bubbles when the straw is dipped in mixture and pulled out or can blow bubbles right into the dish. Be sure to cut the straw at a diagonal angle for better bubble blowing.

Drain Fetcher

An extremely creative way to retrieve something important that has fallen down a drain is to use a couple of straws. Simply tape a couple of straws together tightly and place a piece of tape on the end to retrieve items such as rings or earrings that have fallen in the sink.

This method also works well for retrieving dropped contact lenses from drains. Instead of placing only tape on the bottom however, put a cotton ball over the tape. The contact lens will stick to the cotton without getting scratched.

Eye Dropper

For those times when you need an emergency eye dropper, a Glad Flexible Straw will suffice. Simply place the bottom of the straw in the liquid and cover the top of the straw with a finger. When you lift the straw, a decent amount of the liquid will remain in the straw. When you release the finger the liquid will drop out. (Just be careful not to poke yourself in the eye with the straw.)


Flexible straws can also be used in emergencies as an ear dropper using the same method mentioned above. Place the bottom of the straw in ear drops or warmed oil and gently drop the fluid into your ear using the finger/suction method mentioned above.

Flower Arranging

Straws come in handy when making flower arrangements and you have stems that are too short. Simply insert shorter stems into the straw, cut the straw to the desired length and stick back in vase or moss.

Flu or Colds

Glad Straws can also be used to help clear out congested sinuses associated with a cold or flu. Mix on half teaspoon of table salt in one cup of warm water and mix well. Place one end of the straw in the salt water, place your finger on top to withdraw some liquid. Bring the straw up to your nostril and gently sniff in.

Jewelry Keeper

Straws can also be used to keep necklaces from tangling. Simply run the necklace through the straw and clip it together on the outside. Using clear straws will ensure you can easily find what you are looking for without chains getting tangled or knotted.

Ketchup Mover

No need to wait forever for your ketchup to flow. Simply place a straw in the bottle all the way to the bottom and mix it around a little. Ketchup will flow right out.

Plant Stem Holder

If you have a plant that is too top heavy and the stem is bending, a clear straw sliced down the middle can be wrapped around the stem and placed in the dirt to help keep it up.

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