Irish Spring Bar Soap

Uses for Soap

Air Freshener

Irish Spring Soap makes a great air freshener for many places you probably haven’t thought of. Simply place a wrapped bar of Irish Spring Soap at the bottom of a diaper pail, a garbage pail, a laundry basket or hamper, in musty drawers, in suitcases before storing away or even in your car. A wrapped bar of Irish Spring placed under the seat will help keep you car smelling fresh and clean every time you get in (just do not leave there in extremely hot weather).

Art Project/Medium

Bar Soap makes a great medium for little ones to carve figures and shapes out of. Then simply use the carved pieces in the tub at bath time. Kids will actually look forward to taking a bath when they know they will be using their own creations to wash with.

Deer Repellent

Irish Spring Soap makes an awesome (and safe) deer repellant. You can either keep the wrapper on and place bars around plants or trees – or you can cut the soap into pieces or shavings, place them in nylon stockings and hang/hide in strategic areas. For some reasons deer don’t like the strong scent and will stay away.


Smelly sneakers, boots or shoes a problem? Simply place a wrapped bar of the soap in your shoes, sneaker or boots and leave overnight. They will be fresh smelling by morning.

Gardening Tool

Planning on working with your hands in the garden? Simply scrape your nails a few times across a bar of Irish Spring soap until the soap is under your nails. Then when you go to wash your hands after the job is completed, the soap will easily wash away taking all dirt with it.

Insect Bites

Bar soaps work wonderfully for getting rid of the itching associated with bug and mosquito bites. Simply dampen the soap, rub over affected area and the itching will disappear.

Lubricant For Drawers or Windows

Soap works well when it comes to stuck drawers or windows. Simply rub a little of the soap on the glides or sliding elements of drawers or windows and they will open and close with ease.

Lubricant for Tools

Rubbing a little bar soap on the ends of screws or the blades of a saw will ensure easier penetration into harder or denser pieces of wood.

Lubricant for Zippers

Another way to use soap as a lubricant is to rub the teeth of a zipper with a bar of soap. This will help make the zipper glide much easier saving you finger blisters.

Nail Holes

Another unique use for bar soap is as a nail hole filler. Rub a bar of white soap over small nail holes until the hole is filled in. Then prime or paint as usual.

Pin Cushion

Irish Spring and other bar soaps have two benefits when it comes to sewing. The soap wrapped in a piece of fabric makes a great pin cushion for easy access to pins, and the soap that ends up on the end of the pins will help the pins glide into fabric easier.

Rabbit Repellant

Like the deer repellant mentioned above, Irish Spring soap is also great for keeping rabbits out of you garden as well. Simply place some soap shavings in a nylon stocking and hide in strategic places around your garden. Rabbits don’t like the strong smell and will stay away, and plants will not be adversely affected .

Stain Remover

Bar soap works wonderfully as a pre-treating stain remover. Simply dampen the soap and rub across any stains on clothes then throw clothes into the washer.

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