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Uses for Rice – Uses for White Rice

Uses For Rice:

Ant Killer

Strangely enough, plain white rice can kill ants. Simply pour some uncooked white rice over the anthill and the ants will bring the rice back to their colony to eat. The rice will expand in their stomachs which will kill the colony keeping them from reinvading your home.


White Rice when heated can make a perfect homemade heading pad that works great on backaches. Just pour two cups of rice into a microwave safe container and heat in the microwave for about 1 minute. Carefully scoop out the hot rice with a spoon into a clean sock and tie the end of the sock. (Make sure you leave some moving room for rice – no need to compact it.) Then place the sock on the spot where your back is aching for about 10 minutes. The rice will conform to your body, warming the spot that needs relief.


Using the technique mentioned above, your “hot rice heating pad” also works great for bursitis suffers. Simply apply the heated rice in sock on sore area for relief.


Eating plain white rice can help bind diarrhea sufferers. Simply eat a cup or two.

Dry Wet Cell Phones

Plain dry rice works great for drying out cell phones that have been dropped into water and are no longer working. The first thing to do is immediately remove the battery. DO NOT power up your phone – no matter how much you are tempted to see if it works – because this is what can short circuit your phone immediately. You should also remove the SIM card from your phone if you have one. Try blowing out any excess water or using a can of compressed air to get excessive water out. (Do not use a blow drier because this can fry circuits.) When you have removed as much water as possible, place your phone and the battery in a bowl of dry white rice and leave to sit overnight. The rice will safely absorb any excess moisture hidden in the phone. The next day, pop the battery back in and power up your phone.

Food Poisoning

White rice is also good for people suffering from food poisoning. It is bland enough that you should be able to keep it down, and its binding effects help relieve the diarrhea symptoms as mentioned above.


Plain white rice can help absorb excess acid in your stomach which makes it a great heartburn remedy. Simply eat a small bowl of white rice to help get rid of the acid causing your heartburn.

Knee Pain

Using the heating method mentioned above in the Backache section, a warmed rice filled sock also works great for relieving knee pain. Simply place the sock on your sore knee for about 10 minutes.

Salt Separator

White Rice works well for keeping the dampness out of salt shakers. This is especially true in humid areas. Try adding a few pieces of dry rice to keep your salt shakers flowing smoothly.

Vase Cleaner

Another unusual use of white rice is to help clean out a vase that you can’t reach the bottom of. Simply pour a few dry pieces a rice in the vase, add a tiny bit of water and swish the rice around the bottom of the vase. It should pick up any excess dirt and spots from the bottom. Then simply pour rice in the garbage.


White Rice is bland enough for you to be able to eat while dealing with an upset stomach and also has the added benefit of curing diarrhea that sometime goes hand in hand with vomiting.

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