Uses for Vaseline

Uses for Petroleum Jelly

Uses For Vaseline:


Petroleum Jelly can both keep a blister moisturized as well as prevent further friction from aggravating it. Wash the blister carefully first, then apply some of the jelly to it.


Surprisingly Vaseline can both minimize swelling of a bruise and keep discoloration at bay if used fairly quickly after receiving the injury. Simply rub some of it on the sore area immediately after bumping it.


Vaseline works wonders for quickening the healing of burns. Lightly rub some Vaseline on the injured skin.


Rubbing some petroleum jelly on the area of your thighs that are rubbing together will not only prevent further irritation but will help moisturize the tender skin as well.

Chapped Lips

When it comes to chapped lips, Vaseline works as well as Chapstick. Simply apply a small dab of Vaseline to lips for instant moisturizing.


If you find the bottom of your nose is getting sore from constant blowing, apply a thin layer of Vaseline to area to help moisturize and heal it.

Cold Sores

You can prevent further contamination of a cold sore by applying a dab of petroleum jelly to it.


Applying some Vaseline to a corn will not only soften the skin but will also promote the healing of a corn.

Cuts and Scrapes

Putting Vaseline on a cut or scrape will actually speed up healing time.

Diaper Rash

Used by caring mothers for years, Vaseline works wonders for diaper rash. It not only moisturizes baby’s bottom, but also seals it from future wetness and speeds the healing process. Simply apply a light coat to your child’s clean, dry bottom before putting on a new diaper.


Massaging petroleum jelly onto dry cuticles and covering hands with cotton gloves before going to bed at night will have them soft and smooth by morning.

Dry Hair

Applying the tiniest amount of petroleum jelly on dry split ends of hair will mask the dry look.

Dry Skin

Vaseline works wonders when it comes to dry skin on all different body parts. To moisturize hands, rub some Vaseline on them, cover them with cotton gloves and leave overnight. The next morning they will be super soft. You can use the same technique for dry or chapped feet. Cover them with Vaseline, then put on a pair of socks and leave overnight. You can even use Vaseline to moisturize your face. Simply wash your face and while your face is still damp, apply a thin layer of the petroleum jelly.

Eyebrow Tamer

A very little touch of petroleum jelly will help keep eyebrows in place and create a sleek finished look.

Eyelash Growth

While this might not be scientifically proven, many women swear that by putting a small amount of Vaseline on their eyelashes before going to bed helps lashes grow thicker and longer over time.

Hair Dye Protector

Vaseline works great at keeping hair dye off of skin. Simply apply a little bit around hairline before you color your hair and easily wipe off when you are finished.

Hair Gel

Vaseline works great as hair gel. It keeps hair in place and adds a beautiful shine. Simply take a small dab of Vaseline, rub it between your hands, then use it where you want on your hair. Use it very sparingly however, because too much can look greasy. In this case less is more.

Hairballs For Cats

Dabbing a little bit of Vaseline on a cat’s nose will help prevent future hairballs because as they lick off the jelly it will help lubricate the hair in their stomach, making it easier for the hair to pass through the cat’s digestive system.

Halloween Pumpkin Preserver

Applying some petroleum jelly to all the exposed edges of the cut outs after carving will prevent them from drying out or rotting, making your Halloween pumpkin last longer.

Lip Gloss

Might sound a little crazy, but by mixing a small bit of Vaseline with a little colored Kool Aid powder you can create a lip gloss that also keeps lips super moisturized.

Nail Polish Bottle Loosener

You can easily prevent your nail polish tops from sticking to the bottle by applying a small amount of Vaseline to the top of bottle before replacing the cap.

Perfume Extender

Place a tiny tab of Vaseline in areas you like to apply your perfume. Then dab the perfume over it. It will help the scent last longer.


Petroleum can help seal in moisture when applied to skin after a shower or bath. Simply apply a thin layer of the jelly over affected areas while they are still damp and before you have toweled them off.

Ring Removal

Petroleum Jelly works great at removing stuck rings. Simply coat the finger and the ring with a small bit of Vaseline and it will slide right off.

Shoe Polish

A very tiny dab of Vaseline, followed by a quick buff with a clean cloth will have shoes shining like new.


To protect the skin surrounding the wart from the acids in products such as Compound W, apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly to the skin all around the wart. Then you can apply medicine to the wart directly keeping other skin protected.

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