Uses for Noxzema

Uses For Noxzema:

Bath Moisturizer

Adding two tablespoons of Noxzema skin cream into your warm bath will leave your skin silky and moisturized.

Bug Bites

Dabbing a little Noxzema on bug or insect bites will take away the itching.


To soothe the pain and prevent burns from blistering the skin, dap a small amount of Noxema on the area.

Chapped Hands

Simply apply some Noxzema to cold chapped hands to have them soft and smooth again.

Chapped Lips

Noxzema works well in soothing and healing chapped lips. The added benefit is unappetizing taste will prevent you from licking your lips which can cause them to become even drier.

Chewing Gum

Who knew? Noxzema can help remove chewing gum from hair and carpets.


Many people may not realize that origin of the name Noxzema stems from “No Eczema.” This is because treating eczema is one of its greatest uses. It not only helps to soothe and moisturize dry and flaky skin, but can also help take out the redness.

Face Cleanser

Noxzema’s most popular use (and what it is marketed towards) is as a great makeup remover. It deep cleans your face and forces dirt and oils out of pores. It evens out complexion and skin tone, reduces redness, is an excellent moisturizer and is even known to tighten skin.

Remove Paint From Hands

Another creative use for Noxzema is as a paint remover from skin and hands. Not only does it remove the paint, but leaves hands soft and moisturized as well compared to other cleaners that are tough on skin.

Scuff Marks on Shoes

I am not sure of the person who first discovered this unique use, but a little Noxzema applied with a soft cloth can help remove scuff marks from patent leather shoes.

Shaving Cream

In a pinch, Noxema works well as a shaving cream substitute by helping to lubricate the skin. Many men even use it as a pre or post shave lotion for its cooling, healing abilities.

Sticker Removal

Another unique use of Noxzema is to use it to remove the glue residue left behind by price tag stickers.

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