Uses for Chapstick

Chapstick was originally intended as a lubricant and skin moisturizer that both helps prevent and protect cracked, chapped, chafed, sunburned or windburned lips. Due to its rich ingredients such as aloe, vitamin e, beeswax, camphor and other medicinal components, it has been found to have other benefits as well. Here are just some of the other uses for Chapstick that make it a handy item to have around.

Other Uses For Chapstick:


You can apply medicated Chapstick to blisters to eliminate pain and promote quicker healing. You can also use Chapstick to avoid getting blisters by applying to sensitive areas on feet or heels to prevent friction buildup.

Chafed Skin

Applying Chapstick liberally to chafed areas not only stops the friction causing the chafing, but also helps promote healing due to its medicinal ingredients.


Applying Chapstick to corns can help ease the pain by softening the hard, thickened skin.

Eye Brows

Applying a tiny amount of Chapstick to eyebrows will keep them in place all day long.

Mosquito and Bug Bites

A quick dot of Chapstick over a mosquito or insect bite will relieve itching.

Ring Removal

Chapstick works great for removing rings that are stuck. Simply apply Chaptick around the ring and the finger and it will slide right off.

Rust Prevention

To prevent gardening tools or scissors from locking up or rusting, simply apply a thin layer of Chapstick. You can also prevent erosion on car battery terminals by applying some Chapstick to the terminals.

Shoe Polish

Need a quick last minute shoe polish? Apply some Chapstick – a quick buff and you are ready to go!

Shaving Cuts

Chapstick is the perfect quick easy solution for nicks and cuts caused by shaving. It will stop the bleeding quickly.

Sore Nose

Chapstick is great for helping to heal irritated skin under a sore nose caused by colds. Try applying a thin coat on sore areas a few times a day as needed.


Applying some Chapstick to a stuck or hard-to-close zipper will have it moving up and down with extreme ease.

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