Uses for Bounce

Bounce Fabric Softener Sheets were originally designed to be used in your dryer to help soften fabrics, control static cling and give clothes a longer lasting fresh smell. It has since been discovered however, that Bounce softener sheets can be used for many other
things around the house and outside as well. Here are just a few unique things that these sheets can do.

Uses For Bounce Fabric Softener Sheets:

Air Fresheners

Bounce Fabric softener sheets work great as air fresheners in so many places. You can place them under the seats of your car or hang over the car vents in the back so as the air blows your car is freshened at the same time. They also work well taped in front of a fan or inside an air conditioning vent. They can be placed under carpets or couches, put in drawers, or hung on hangers in closets. They also work well when a few fresh sheets are placed at the bottom of a diaper pail or garbage pail underneath the garbage bag so the air is freshened each time you change the bag.

Other great places that you can use bounce as an air freshener is under a mattress or mattress pad so your bed smells nice and fresh when guests arrive. They also work will when placed inside pillow cases to keep pillows fresh smelling, in your linen closet to keep towels and linens smelling great, placed in dirty or musty smelling shoes, or placed in a vacuum cleaner bag so it freshens the room while you vacuum.


Bounce Fabric Softener Sheets make for great natural bug and insect repellants. You can rub the bounce sheets over exposed skin such as arms or legs to keep mosquitoes away, or simply tie a couple of sheets to your belt loops. You can place them in picnic baskets to keep ants away, or under lawn furniture. You can even try sticking them in crevices throughout your home to deter ants from entering the house. Many mailmen keep them in their mail bags to keep yellow jackets away, and golfers keep them in their golf bags to keep bees away.

Car Cleaner

A dampened fabric softener sheet works extremely well for removing bugs and tree sap from car exteriors. Simply wet down your car and use the dryer sheet over bug spots or moisten a fabric softener sheet and gently rub off tree sap stains from car if you do not want to wash the whole car down.


Because Bounce is designed to eliminate static cling, it works great not only for dusting, but also for keeping future dust particles away longer. Bounce fabric softener sheets work well for dusting television sets, window blinds, ceiling fans and electrical appliances.

Foot Aches

Strangely enough, Bounce can actually help sooth and moisturize tired feet. Simply place one sheet of Bounce in a warm basin of water and soak feet for about ten minutes.

Hair Controller

Place a used fabric softener sheet under ski hats, helmets and other types of hats to keep hair from becoming flyaway when the hat is removed. The sheets can also be lightly brushed over hair that becomes flyaway on other occasions such as vigorous hair brushing.

Keep Rarely Used Items Fresh

Placing bounce sheets in items rarely used such as suitcases, unused drawers, rolled up sleeping bags, old musty books or in comforters and pillows only used for company will keep items smelling fresh and new on the rare occasions that you do need to pull them out.


Bounce can work surprising well when it comes to your pets as well. Simply swipe a bounce softener sheet across a damp or wet dog to eliminate that “wet dog smell” or brush a used fabric softener sheet over clothes or furniture that contains pet hair to pick up the hair easily.

Pots and Pan Cleaner

Fabric Softener sheets are also great for helping to remove baked or burnt on food from pots, pans and cookware. Simply fill the cookware with hot water, some dishwashing liquid and a Bounce fabric softener sheet and let the pan sit for a few hours or overnight (depending on how stubborn the food or burn). Then simply wash clean as usual. The food will come right off.

Static Cling Cure For On the Go

Keep a sheet of Bounce Fabric Softener in your purse, wallet or desk drawer. On those days when you are having a problem with static cling on skirts, pantyhose, or other clothing items – lightly dampen softener sheet and rub over area. Static cling will disappear.

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