Johnsons Baby Oil

Uses for Johnson’s Baby Oil and Other Baby Oil

Bandage Removal

Johnson’s Baby Oil works great when it comes to painless band-aid or bandage removal. Saturate the band aid or bandage and surrounding area with baby oil. Give it a few seconds and then easily peel it off. The oil dissolves the glue/adhesive of the bandage making removal a snap.

Cradle Cap

Rubbing a little baby oil on a baby’s scalp will help eliminate and prevent future cradle cap.

Foot Moisturizer

Johnson’s baby oil also works wonders for dry or cracked feet and heels. Simply put some oil on dry areas, cover with socks and leave on overnight.

Furniture Polish

A little touch of baby oil can go a long way in buffing and polishing up wood furniture.

Gum Remover

Baby oil also works great for removing bubble gum from kids faces and hands. Simply put some oil on a napkin, tissue or paper towel and rub on the gum. It will come right off.

Jewelry Untangler

Johnson’s Baby Oil can help you easily untangle those chains or necklaces that have gotten knotted up. Simply add a little of the oil to the knot, then use a straight pin to pull chain.


Rubbing a little baby oil onto leather handbags and shoes will keep them looking supple and new. You can also use baby oil on leather car seats. Use very lightly however and leave it to sit overnight so it absorbs. You do not want to get any oil on clothes or be sliding on your seat while driving.

Makeup Remover

Baby oil is great for removing eye makeup. Put a little baby oil on a cotton ball or tissue and gently wipe make up off. It is also good for fixing makeup mistakes. Put a little baby oil on a cotton swab and gently swipe mascara or eyeliner smudges.

Massage Oil

Baby oil makes a great inexpensive massage oil. It also leaves skin super soft and moisturized afterwards.

Paint Remover

Johnson’s works well for removing dried paint from skin. Simply put some baby oil on a wash cloth and rub over paint marks.

Remove Rings Stuck on Finger

Baby oil also works great for stuck rings. Just use some oil around the ring and the finger and the ring will slide right off.

Skin Moisturizer

Baby Oil when added to a bath makes a fantastic skin moisturizer. Simply add some to the water in the tub and your skin will look as dewy as a babies when you get out.

Sticker Removal

Johnson’s oil works great for removing price stickers off of items. Simply saturate sticker with the oil, give it a few minutes to do its thing, then peel sticker off. The oil dissolves the adhesive of the sticker.

Stretch Marks

Good old baby oil works wonderfully for treating and preventing stretch marks. Simply rub on moist skin after a bath and shower and let is soak in for a minute or two. Women who are pregnant should apply some baby oil at least once or twice a day to stomach to prevent stretch marks from occurring.

Temporary Tattoo Remover

Removing temporary tattoos is a snap using baby oil. Just rub some of the oil on the tattoo and wipe clean. It will come off easily.


A little touch of oil applied to a zipper will keep it gliding smoothly and keep it from getting stuck. Simply put a few drops on a cotton swab and rub both sides of the zipper. The zipper will easily slide up and down.

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