Bertolli Olive Oil

Uses for Bertolli Olive Oil

Ear Aches

Warm olive oil works well as an ear ache reliever. Try placing a few drops of warmed olive oil into the ear with a dropper (be sure oil is warm – not hot) then loosely place a cotton ball in ear to help hold the oil in.

Furniture Polish

Olive oil is great for polishing wood furniture because not only does it leave a nice shine but helps moisturize the wood as well. Try combining 2 parts olive oil with 1 part white vinegar in a spray bottle. (The vinegar helps the oil from going on too thick). Spray the furniture – leave it on for a minute or two and then wipe with a clean cloth.

Furniture Polish (2)

A second furniture polish recipe consists of mixing one teaspoon of olive oil with a quarter cup of lemon juice. Same as above, apply to furniture, let sit a few minutes, then wipe/buff with a clean cloth.

Hair Conditioner/Hair Moisturizer

No need to spend a lot of money on hot oil treatments for dry hair when olive oil works perfectly well. Simply warm up a little olive oil (you can do it on the stove but be very careful that you let it cool enough so you do not burn yourself). You can also try putting some olive oil in a small glass or bowl, then put that glass or bowl in a bigger bowl filled with warm water. This will warm the oil without burning. Apply to damp hair and cover with a shower cap or plastic shopping bag and then cover that with a towel. Leave oil on for 20 minutes to a half hour, then shampoo and rinse hair thoroughly.


Olive oil works well for removing lice from hair because it makes it easier to remove the lice than it would from dry hair and it also suffocates any remaining stubborn lice. Liberally pour or apply olive oil to dry hair and use a nit comb to thoroughly remove as many of them as you can. Then place a shower cap over your head and leave on for at least 2 to 3 hours. This should suffocate most, if not all of the remaining ones. Wash hair thoroughly with shampoo and use the nit comb a second time to try and remove any remaining lice. While this method is usually pretty effective – it might need to be done a second time if you happen to miss any the first.

Makeup Remover

Olive Oil works great for gently removing eye makeup. Simply put a little olive oil on a cotton pad, gently wipe over eyes and follow up with a clean tissue or cotton pad to remove any excess.

Paint Remover

Olive Oil works well for removing paint from hands. Simply use a little olive oil (with a touch of salt or sugar) and rub over hands well. This will not only help to remove the paint but will leave hands soft and moisturized as opposed to harsher paint removers.

Shaving “Cream”

In a pinch, olive oil can be used as a shaving cream because it helps the razor glide over skin, preventing nicks and cuts.

Shoe Polish

Olive oil words well as a last minute shoe polish. Simply dampen a clean cloth with olive oil, rub gently on shoes, and follow up by buffing with another clean, dry cloth.

Skin Moisturizer

Olive Oil works particularly well for moisturizing very dry skin. Particularly good for elbows, knees and other tough skin areas. Simply apply a couple of drops of olive oil on affected dry areas and rub in well.

You can also use olive oil as an all over body moisturizer by adding a few drops to a hot bath before you climb into soak.


Strangely enough, swallowing a teaspoon of olive oil before bedtime can also help reduce or eliminate snoring by lubricating the back of the throat. It can also help soothe an itchy or dry throat.

Stainless Steel Flatware Buffer

Olive oil can bring the prefect shine back to your stainless steel flatware. Be sure to start with clean dry flatware. Apply some olive oil to a clean, dry cloth and apply to the flatware with circular motions and firm pressure.

Sticker Remover

Olive oil works great for removing those pesky price stickers from new products or even for removing older stickers that have been stuck for awhile. Simply apply some olive oil to the sticker, let it sit for a few minutes and then peel the sticker right off. This method also prevents sticky residue from being left behind.

Stuck Zippers

If a stuck zipper is your problem, olive oil can have it moving again in no time. Dip a cotton swab in some olive oil and gently rub it on the zipper. Be careful not to get the oil on fabrics.

Squeaky Hinges

Olive oil works just as well as other hardware lubricants such as WD40 when it comes to squeaky doors or hinges. Simply apply to affected area with a small spray bottle or cotton ball.

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